Resale Value of a Camac Electroharp 36?

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    SongWave on #190242

    I have a 15-year-old blue Camac Electroharp 36, the luxury version with gold leaf edging. It’s in perfect working order and was just regulated and checked up by Camac. Although I love it dearly, I’m planning on selling it because I want to buy a DHC Blue Light 32, mostly because of the weight difference! My Problem is, I have no idea what it would be worth now, does anyone have an idea what this harp usually sells for second hand? Includes the tripod stand, transport case and screw-on legs. Thanks for your help!

    Biagio on #190243

    Have you searched the usual outlets for comparative pricing? A recent model used harp in good condition typically sells at around 65%-75% of retail new. Laurie Rasmussen recently sold one for $3850, which is in the ballpark.

    SongWave on #190254

    Thanks so much, that’s very helpful!

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