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    Cindy Cripps-Prawak on #189065

    Hi fellow harpists,

    I wonder if HarpColumn would consider doing an article on Caroline Leonardelli (harpist) and Julie Nazrallah (singer). They do beautiful work here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. They play at fund raisers and share their talents in many venues across Canada. I would love to see them featured in one of your editions.

    I was so enthralled by Caroline’s music and an interview I heard on CBC radio that I contacted her and convinced her to take me on as a complete neophyte. Six months later I passed my Level 2 with the Royal Conservatory of Music and I am well on my way to my Level 4.

    Musicians who inspire and engage others in their art make my heart sing. I would love to hear more on her work and that of others who engage broadly.


    Cindy Cripps-Prawak on #189074

    I would also be keen to read about Balthazar Juarez from Mexico.

    Harp Column Staff on #189135

    Cindy: Thanks for your suggestions! We will certainly keep them in mind.


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