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    Barbara Henniger

    I am doing my research on Prelude 40 harps and as I have done so, I realize that there are all sorts of things that come to mind. I don’t live near a major centre so replacement strings are not readily available locally.

    When I order a new harp, is it a good idea to order strings as well, or is it okay to play the new harp for awhile? Is it very likely I will break a string in the first few weeks? I have been playing a year, and play approx. 1 hour per day.

    I am also not sure if it is best just to order a whole kit or individual strings. The purchase of the harp itself along with a travel cover is a big expense especially with shipping, customs charges, etc. shipping to BC. Is there any difference in price from where I order strings?

    I’d appreciate any advice on this. Thanks!!


    I highly recommend keeping a complete set of strings if you can, and then as you use them to replace individual strings just buy individuals replacements to put back into your replacement set. Depending on how often you play, and in what environment, you will probably want to completely change your strings every year or two.

    In my experience, yes, your harp is probably more likely to break a string in the first few weeks or months because it is adjusting to a new environment. Harps are very sensitive to environmental changes such as heat and humidity. Between transport and adjusting to a new home environment it is not unlikely that you will break a string in the first month of getting a new harp.

    I rarely break strings. I often can go for years without breaking any, and I don’t replace all my strings as often as I should. But when I got my last new harp I broke three strings in the first month. In the year after that I only broke one.

    Indra Prabowo

    Hi Barbara,
    Yes, I think it’s worth to have a set of replacement strings along with your harp purchase.
    My Prelude came with (only) a broken string, which I considered normal as it had have long trip from USA to Indonesia. Fortunately I also purchase a full set of replacement strings so I can fix the problem as quickly as I can do.
    From my full set of replacement strings, I’ve been used all of the 3rd octave gut strings until now. IMHO, you don’t need to buy the wires one for replacement if expense is your consideration.
    There are some harp store that offer a free full set of replacement strings for purchasing new Prelude at their store. Or you can buy a good used one from L&H CPO so you can spare your budget for a full set of replacement strings. Another option is just buy a skeleton set of strings ( C, D/E, F, G, A/B) each octave.

    All the best,


    Donna O

    Hi Barbara,
    I have a Prelude 40 that I purchased new in 2008.

    Alice Avery

    I’m a new member of the harp forum and find it extremely interesting and informative.

    I purchased a Lyon & Healy Prelude 40 in March, 2010 and after breaking 4 strings in one month, decided to buy a replacement set of


    Barbara Henniger

    This has been great feedback. I am very excited right now because there is a harp at Lyon and Healy in the finishing stages that has my name on it! I ordered an Ebony finished Prelude40 so by the time it is finished in the next couple of weeks or so, I will have a much better idea about what I strings I need to order. I might just go for the complete string set while our Canadian dollar is high so I am not hit with a high exchange rate.

    The shop I am dealing with is a L&H dealer, but harps are not one of their big product lines, as they sell everything from guitars to woodwinds so I am not sure if they are the best to get advice about strings from.

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