Repertoire for Harp, Cello and Clarinet?

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    HBrock25 on #146051

    Hello everybody,
    I really need your help! I have to organize a concert programm with harp, cello and clarinet and after spending the whole last day in the internet, I only found two contemporary pieces by Yung and Holt, which unfortunately are not suitable for this prgoramm (its a concert in Dezember, so the repertoire should probably be classic-impressionistic).
    In fact that the cocnert manager need my information until Monday next week, I really have a problem now… did anyone of you play a concert or any trio with these instruments?
    Thank you so much for your help! All the best, Jasmin

    unknown-user on #146052

    there is a beautiful piece for just harp and clarinet by composer Stephen Paulus called Restless Dreams. Contact the composer’s website for more information:

    Jasmin-Isabel Kuhne on #146053

    Dear Clinton,
    thank you so much for your answer! Unfortunately, contemporary music is not quite suitable for this concert, its in December and they all want “nice” music, so nothing experimental or so. Do you know when the Colloquio Sensitivo was written? Does it also sound modern?
    The Trio from Osorio-Swaab is a very good idea, I am really thankyful you gave me this advise!
    All the best, Jasmin

    brian-noel on #146054

    There are some beautiful arrangements by Ken Gist of holiday music for harp/flute/cello.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #146055

    There is a very listenable piece for clarinet and harp by Paul Reade called The Victorian Kitchen Garden Suite (from a BBC television show). There are some Youtube videos, and I have a live recording I did as well, if you need to listen to it.

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