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    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #254804

    I run Harp Repertoire Discovery Group in facebook, where I discuss unusual, outstanding, neglected harp repertoire. I recently posted about the Four Vignettes by Bernard Wagenaar, which are “modern” pieces of color, vigor and delight. They are not long, but as a group, could be six or eight minutes long in performance. They are of extremely high quality, are very inexpensive to buy. They employ a number of Salzedo’s tone colors. Each one has a very distinct mood. Great recital pieces for an intermediate or advanced, professional harpist. Very refreshing. They are a bit reminiscent of the music of Paul Hindemith. They have humor, moderate dissonance, color and variety. Rarely played, as far as I know, I strongly recommend them.

    catherine-rogers on #254819

    It would be really wonderful if you could record those, Saul, for those of us not familiar. Where can the music be purchased?

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #255256

    The Wagenaar was published by a major publisher, and should be available from any music dealer.

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