Renting/practicing on a harp in England- August 2010

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    r-pista on #149746

    I’m going to be in England from the 28th of July – Aug. 19th and wondering if anyone knows of a private renter/place where I could rent a pedal harp or go to practice (besides Holywell). It doesn’t have to be everyday, I just want to be able to keep in shape a bit while I’m there. I will consider renting a harp for a week if it is not too expensive. I will be based in the Croydon/London area.

    patricia-jaeger on #149747

    You could go to the web site of Danielle Perrett, English harpist and teacher, and contact her for information. She has much information about harps and harpists in the London area where she frequently performs. Good luck!

    emma-graham on #149748

    Try contacting Geraldine at Scroll to the bottom of the harps for sale section and it gives some rental options. I am pretty sure she would have a short term rental option avaiable.

    keziah-thomas on #149749


    I am in Crystal Palace, near Croydon and could help. Send me an email:

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