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    Owosso Harpist

    After an unpleasant experience in trying to finance a Prodigy only to end in failure, I decided that I’m
    just going to stick with the option of renting to own the Prodigy. It would
    be better for me to just rent to own the Prodigy than financing it
    though Allegro only to get disappointed because I don’t have a blood
    relative who can cosign the application or begging someone to just buy
    it for me like a child begging for a new toy at a toy store. So if
    anyone know of where I can rent to own the Prodigy other than at Venus
    Harps in Chicago, let me know, ok?Thanks.


    harps international rents venus pedal harps Sherry.


    Did you see the prodigy on ebay right now?

    Owosso Harpist

    I actually saw the Prodigy on Ebay and shared them on my Facebook. What you suggested is not a bad idea. I’ll have to ask them that sometime. Perhaps maybe tonight. Otherwise I’ll just stick with Peter Reis’ Rent to Own Program and get a harp there.

    Owosso Harpist


    A few days ago I followed your advice and I got in contact with the seller of the Venus Prodigy and ask if he and his mom will allow me to rent to own the harp. They said “yes” and told me that I have to pay shipping (which I had the money to do), get the harp insured (that I can afford to do) and I only have to pay $175 a month to rent the harp (which I indeed have the affordability to do). I was real happy about this until today when he gave me the following reply:

    “Hi, Sorry its been awhile since I have responded. I talked to my mom again and she said she is having second thoughts on renting it out. We live in Utah and she is concerned she will never see it again if she rents it out. She is willing to drop the price to 10k not including the shipping but she wants me to continue to try to sell it. I figure I will list it and once it comes down to the wire on getting it sold before she leaves she may change her mind on renting it. I am sorry give you the bad news but I would not give up she may change her mind when it comes close to her leaving.”

    That doesn’t make any sense! Whether she sells the harp or rent to own, it doesn’t matter! She won’t see it again either way. I’m sorry but this is bullcrap!

    Now I’m upset and crying! 🙁 Every stinkin’ time I tried to rent to own a harp, I encounter misfortune and disappointment! I’m sick of this! Is there anyone on this site (other than at Venus Harps in Chicago) who is willing to allow me to rent to own a Venus Prodigy Harp in excellent to like new condition at an affordable price of $150 – $175 a month without limits, without roadblocks, disappointments, misfortunes, and above all without any bullcrap like the ebay seller is displaying in his latest reply? Please let me know.


    It is badly phrased but makes perfect sense to me.

    Evelyn Tournquist

    Dear Sherry,

    A little word of encouragement here. I understand you are frustrated because you are unable to purchase an instrument but you should remember your blessings as well and not get caught up in the disappointment.

    The fact that you are renting a concert grand pedal harp is a tremendous thing when you consider how many harpists are unable to have any type of harp in their home – you are very lucky. Keep working toward your goal and one day you will have your harp.

    Owosso Harpist

    That means She wanted the full pay rather than in small amounts. She doesn’t want anyone ripping her off. That’s why she has second thoughts. Now I understand. Still, I would love to have help in finding out where can I go to rent to own a Prodigy other than at Venus Harps in Chicago. If there’s anyone who has a Prodigy for me to rent with the option to buy please let me know.


    Well, don’t give up because if she can’t sell it she may reconsider.


    Found this:

    “VENUS Prodigy

    Extended Soundboard, 44 Strings, Satin Mahogany Finish, w/bronze highlights.

    Owosso Harpist

    Right now I’m beginning to reevaluate what I’ve been doing within the past several months. I tried to finance a harp I can afford to make the monthly payments through Allegro, but they demand that I get a blood relative to cosign the application. Unfortunately I don’t have such a person so it won’t do me any good in applying for Allegro again unless I have a higher credit. So I gave up on financing and went about asking for loans so I can use it to buy a harp. Didn’t happen. My credit is too small. I went about asking someone to sponsor me and buy a harp. Didn’t find anyone who can afford a harp. On and on and on I went only to get turned down and face all sorts of misfortune and disappointments after all I did to earn $1,200 that was supposedly raised to finance the Prodigy, which is the real reason why I’m set on trying to own the Prodigy to begin with.

    Now I ran out of options and is getting tired of asking for help only to get turned down by people who denied me any help due to lack of cash or they have cash but instead decide to make excuses not to offer me support. So I’m reevaluating what I’ve been doing within the part 7 -8 months and try something else that will allow me to afford buying a harp I can afford to pay the full price.

    BTW. The Prodigy is back up again on ebay with the Buy it Now price lowered to $10,000. If anyone willing to buy the instrument and then in turn allow me to rent to own the instrument at an affordable price I can honestly pay in small amounts is more than welcome to do so.

    Venus Prodigy on ebay

    Owosso Harpist

    That’s cheaper than the harp being sold on ebay and not that far away. I’ll have to get a hold of him sometime when it’s convenient.


    Amazing . . . :-/


    Maria Myers


    To say the least!


    Four days ago a Lyon and Healy Style 15 was offered for sale on Craig’s List in Seattle, for $9500. On the site are pictures and also the telephone number in case you are interested. Some sellers will take time payments.

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