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    Laura Seabourne

    Hello All!

    I am going to be in the Cornwall area (Plymouth, more specifically) of the UK this fall, and I am looking to hire a pedal harp for the month of October-December. I have two pedal harps that I have rented out myself, and I have rented other harps in the past, so you can be assured that I know how to care for someone else’s instrument.

    If you live anywhere near there and have a pedal harp that is not going to be played much this fall, I’d be very interested in hiring it! If you are interested in taking me up on this, please email me at:

    Happy harping!


    There’s the Cornwall Harp Centre on the north coast – Sarah Deere-Jones, & harpists in Devon, a Dutch harpist/teacher in Totnes and there is Iain (Jack) Hayward nearer Reading so conveniently situated from Heathrow down the M4 in the right direction, but will you be driving or at least have access to an estate car / station wagon ? Geraldine at north of London might consider your request but isn’t local to Cornwall by any means. Cardiff, in Wales however has several suppliers (Salvi, Camac at Telyn Vining) who might have rental instruments, but you’d have to inquire and then you’d still have a fair drive down to Plymouth. I would plan your flight around your harp plans.


    I sometimes have pedal harps available to rent and am 45 mins from Plymouth but I don’t have any at the moment and can’t guarantee one would be free when you need it. If one does come up I will certainly let you know just in case you are still looking. You could certainly try Sarah Dere Jones but the Cornwall harp centre is a pretty long way from Plymouth (Cornwall is a big place with slow roads! Plymouth is in Devon.) To avoid travelling further than your final destination I would certainly try Geraldine at affairs of the harp. There is an Aurora listed on her site now but I don’t know if short term rental is available. It’s at the bottom!
    The Totnes shop (teacher) does not have pedal harps. The Dutch harpist does not have any for rental.
    Morley harps have lots of harps available for rental and may also deliver (at a fee).
    Salvi/Lyon and Healy have a shop just outside cardiff. They don’t have a direct website but you can google for their phone number. The Camac shop in Cardiff itself is called Vining Harps. Elen Vining is very helpful.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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