Renting a Harp in Alaska

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    Carly Ewell on #187513

    This summer I will be moving to Skagway, Alaska to work. I really want to be close to harp still. It is quiet out of the blue. Does any one know if it is possible to rent a harp while I will be up there? Pedal, level, or anything possible ha… Or know of any harpists or connections up in Alaska.

    patricia-jaeger on #187517

    Carly, you could e-mail Skookums Sonnenschein (a lady who has played harp in Anchorage for many years.) She and 5 others are listed in the latest Directory as members of The American Harp Society, and had a few lessons with me. She would know about any rentals available and whether there is a harp newsletter online, as other states have. With extreme winter weather, carbon-fiber harps would be least affected.Her web site is listed as, and more contact information would be there.

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