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    HBrock25 on #150356

    Hello everyone,

    I want to go on tour with my electric pedal harp. The only question I have is how. Does anyone know if I can rent electric pedal harps in the United States and in Europe?

    Thanks for your time

    unknown-user on #150357

    The last time a touring harpist needed an electric harp here in San Antonio, the closest one was Louise Trotters in Houston – she brought it the 200 miles to San Antonio – seems that around here it can even get complicated just getting an acoustic harp provided for a visiting performer –
    As you know, using an electric harp is not just the harp itself, but also all the associated electronics/amplifiers/speakers – various setups in various performance venues can all sound different especially if you have a “signature sound” that you need to have consistently – on the other hand if you tour outside the US with your own equipment, you will be dealing with any number of different power voltages and CPS – England and I guess most all of Europe is 220/50cps and other places have other combinations
    Greg Buchanan and Linda Rice both tour with electric harps and all their own sound gear – Greg has a “roadie”, and Linda’s husband is her roadie – they also act as the sound engineers during a performance – Deborah Henson Conant also tours with her electric lever harp but I don’t know how extensive her sound system is –
    So, before you do anything, I would suggest a very in depth visit with all three of these performers concerning what they do, how they do it, and what kind of problems they deal with – also, what is your projected audience and how will you advertise your performance in each of the distant places you will go to –
    I am also thinking that if you want to travel, a first time out experience that would let you experience the travel with a minimum of hassle with harp, amps and other equipment would be to see if you could get booked on a cruise ship that either originates somewhere close to where you live or has a stop in a port close to you –
    Sounds like lots of planning and prep work but do your homework and have fun –

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