Rent a Ravenna 26 or buy a Sharpsicle/Fullsicle?

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    Kelly Noonan on #159751

    I have no space in my new apartment, so large levered harps are out of the question. Right now I’ve narrowed down my options to either buying a Sharpsicle (or possibly a Fullsicle…I’m emailing back and forth with someone about one) or renting a Ravenna 26. The Sharpsicle would be about $500 to buy, not counting accessories and the Ravenna would be a rent-to-buy program for $50 a month. I’ve had some experience with a teacher on an Ogden, but I’m having trouble finding someone in Boston who is willing to teach on a smaller harp, so I might be going it alone until I move into a bigger place with space for a larger model.

    (If it makes a difference, I’m pretty eclectic with my musical taste, I’d love to play Celtic, Classical, Jazz or current pop/rock)

    Cheryl Z. on #159752

    Hi Kelly,

    Personally, I would

    barbara-low on #159753

    I’d rent the Ravenna since you are accustomed to a harp that’s larger and sits on the floor. I think you would feel limited by the smaller harps.

    Kelly Noonan on #159754

    Thanks guys, I ended up going with the Ravenna, especially after I tried plucking a few strings on the Sharpsicles and noticed how loose the strings felt! The Ravenna has a beautiful sound. The size is perfect for my apartment but it doesn’t feel too different from the Ogden, so I think it’s going to be an OK transition.

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