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    I have an adult student who enjoys “rennisance” music.


    How about some of the following? These are all available from Melody’s.

    • Six Medieval and Renaissance Melodies by Joyce Weaver (Beginner)
    • A Renaissance Harper’s Notebook (Volumes 1 to 4) by Sylvia Fellows (Lower Intermediate)
    • Renaissance Music for the Harp by Deborah Friou (Lower Intermediate)
    • Easy Classics for Harp – The Renaissance Era by Daniel Burton (Lower Intermediate)
    • Green Grows the Holly (Medieval and Renaissance Christmas Carols) by Suzanne Guldimann (Intermediate)
    • Renaissance Songes of the Merrie Cavalier by Robin Arioto Fickle (Intermediate)
    • Renaissance Songes of the Merrie Jester by Robin Arioto Fickle (Intermediate)
    • Renaissance Faire Companion by Cynthia Shelhart (melody line only, requires teaching how to accompany a Fake Book tune)

    — Alice in windy Wyoming


    I’m no expert or even a great lover of renaissance music. However I do have the Friou book, Renaissance Music for the Harp, and it is excellent, and very playable by someone at the intermediate level.

    I don’t know how historically sound her arrangements are, but they are very nice and the music is very enjoyable. In fact I recommend all her books, but this one specifically deals with renaissance music, and I would highly suggest it.


    I have a book edited by Ank Van Campen, MUSIC OF THE XVIth CENTURY FOR CELTIC HARP (there’s also a Dutch title). It contains the usual Siciliana/Spagnoletta, a piece by John Dowland’s son Robert, and Mudarra’s Tiento IX and Fantasia X “que contrahaze la arpa en la manera de Ludovico” (originally written for vihuela, “imitates the harp in the manner of Ludovica”–lotsa chromatics), among other pieces. Copyrighted 1976 Harmonia/Hilversum. No idea whether it’s still in print.



    Its great to get so many ideas from everyone. I am going to get ordering right now.

    Thank you ALL.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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