Relaxation Music?

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    lisa-kikol on #148111

    Does anyone have any suggestions of pieces that create a gentle, relaxing mood?

    poppy-rose on #148112

    Try Cindy Blevins music. My Friends call it “Spa Music” when I play it. She has a number of books available, and several ones available by PDF, so you can get them right away.

    lisa-kikol on #148113

    Thanks Edella.

    hannah-roberts on #148114

    Christina Tourin’s books are good. I use them and Cindy’s book playing in yoga classes and people always have positive things to say.
    Love the term spa music, Edella! I just put 2 and 2 together and realized you are also Stacey’s student…

    Rachel on #148115

    Laurie Rasmussen’s Dawning of the Day is great for this.

    m-l-mcneel on #148116


    You could also try Karl Wienand’s music, especially his Quietude book.

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