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    unknown-user on #163301

    What if you have a restored, but really antique L&H

    catherine-rogers on #163302

    I think it might depend on who restored it and how, i.e., has it been rebuilt with a modern soundboard or an authentic reproduction which takes a lighter gauge string? If Howard Bryan restored it, for example, you might want to ask his recommendation. You should definitely ask anyone you’re considering if he or she is experienced with antique harps.

    Carl, Howard, any suggestions?

    carl-swanson on #163303

    If it’s a Lyon & Healy harp, regardless of the age, any qualified technician should be able to regulate it without problem. The Lyon & Healy has not changed in its basic concept since 1889, so modern parts will fit it.

    unknown-user on #163304

    No, I would only use one of the older, experienced technicians like Ed Galchick or Peter Wiley who have lots of experience with older harps. Some of the recently trained technicians don’t seem to have been trained fully to work on older harps. I had one come to my house and tell me there was no reason to regulate the wire strings! I made him do it, of course, and showed him why it must be done. I think.

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