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    Do any harpists or harp makers know of a registry for John Egan harps? I am attempting to research a harp for a local museum. It is a single action harp circa 1825.

    I am hoping to find a registry with a list of serial numbers to possibly date the instrument for them.


    Bonnie Shaljean

    There is a Yahoo Group devoted to Egan harps, which is a good place to ask this question. Link is

    The Egan I have personal experience of (a Grecian, hence not a single-action, made in 1835) had the maker’s current address engraved on the forepillar, which was 30 Dawson Street, Dublin.

    I also have the following list (though I don’t quite understand the repetitions and date-sequences, nor whether the “harp & piano maker” in Bride Street is also Egan).

    HARP MAKERS IN IRELAND – From the Galpin Society Journal, May 1963

    JOHN EGAN Pedal and Portable Harp Maker to His Majesty

    25 Dawson St Dublin, 1804-1810

    30 Dawson St Dublin, 1821

    30 Dawson St Dublin, 1830-1831

    23 Dawson St Dublin, 1832

    30 Dawson St Dublin, 1833-35

    Harp and Piano Maker

    57 Bride St [Dublin]

    26 Dawson St, 1838

    44 Dawson St, 1841


    21 Aungier St [Dublin], 1821

    FRANCIS HEWSON, Harp Maker

    19 South King Street [Dublin], 1830

    WILLIAM JACKSON Pedal Harp Maker

    38 Grafton St [Dublin], 1834-1835

    7 Molesworth St [Dublin], 1838

    JOHN READ Harp Maker

    28 French St [Dublin?], 1837-1839


    21 Aungier St, 1833-1835

    4 Peters Row [Dublin?], 1833


    Dear Ms Shaljean,

    Thank you for all that information. It is all very helpful. I will indeed check the Yahoo site.

    Kind Regards,


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