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    harpnvermont on #253453

    I’ve been “Googling”Rees Mariposa reviews but really have had no luck.
    I’m wondering if anyone can offer their opinions on playabilty and sound. I know it’s difficult to compare sound to other harps as we all have different tastes and ears but any and all opinions would be much appreciated!

    Andelin on #253536

    I haven’t heard the 34 string Rees harp, but two of my students (sisters) recently bought 30 string harps from Rees. I thought the sound was warm, full, and beautiful. They seemed to get good volume for their size. And the overall quality seemed really good to me. I haven’t spent a lot of time with these harps, but I was impressed by them. I would definitely consider buying one, if in the market for a smaller harp.

    I know it’s not the harp you specifically asked about but since they are similar, and by the same maker, I hope it is helpful.

    balfour-knight on #253538

    If it will be any help here, I will say that I have played several Rees harps at a harp conference a few years ago. I found them to be very good overall, nice tone and feel and beautifully decorated, which the buyer can customize. The family of Rees’s at the conference were very nice folks, personable and helpful. I even tried a nice double-strung, for harpists who like those. I agree with everything Andelin said above. Good luck in this quest!

    Harp Hugs,

    harpnvermont on #253648

    So shortly after this post I came across a 30 string Shaylee. I had heard from a harp teacher that had one for sale (but sold) that it was an amazing little harp. She highly recommended.
    So, based on that, and Andelin’s comments I am going to move forward with buying this one. I had been looking for 34 strings, but my focus on O’Carolan and other Celtic tunes shouldn’t be hampered at all by having 30. It’s also a very nice size to “carry” to other places.
    It is a beautiful cherry with the Victorian Lace embellishments and full Truitts.

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