Recycling Harp Strings

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    Grace Bauson on #254883

    After changing my strings this year, I was looking for recycling possibilities. D’Addario has a program that accepts wire harp strings!

    D’Addario’s recycling program is called Playback. It’s free and even gives points toward ordering new strings.

    Here’s the website:

    Has anyone found places to recycle nylon and gut strings?

    balfour-knight on #254910

    Hi, Grace!

    Thanks for your post. I was wondering if you (or anyone else reading this) have ever used D’Addario’s bass wire strings on a harp. I have been very pleased with their nylon strings on my harps, but have never tried their wires. Please let me know.

    Thanks again,

    paul-knoke on #254915

    I’ve been using D’Addario wires for restring jobs for some years, and have never encountered a bad string.
    As far as old nylons and guts go, I offer them to the percussionists for uses like hanging triangles, or gut drum snares. I also offer them to luthiers for tail guts, tied frets, etc. etc.

    balfour-knight on #254925

    Thanks so much, Paul! That recommendation means a lot coming from you.


    catherine-rogers on #254950

    I have given old strings and wires to local art teachers for their projects. I always caution them not to let pets play with or chew on gut strings, as they can cause fatal complications if swallowed.

    Grace Bauson on #254951

    Thanks for the ideas! I have also used D’Addario wires for a while, ordering through my local harp store. They have worked well for me.

    Gretchen Cover on #254957

    Patrice Fisher runs the non-profit Guatemala Harp Project. She gladly accepts used gut and harp strings. No wires, though. I package each string in a small plastic craft bag and mark the bag with the string name. I put a cover letter in the box of strings with information about the strings – brand, guyot, nylon etc. Adds a little time to restringing my harp but well worth it when you t=receive photos of the students. She will also send you a tax donation letter for tax purposes.

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