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    unknown-user on #148506

    Hi Everyone,

    Does anyone know if there are more recordings of Renie’s playing BESIDES the AHS CD “Henriette Renie playing her own compositions and transcriptions for harp”?


    carl-swanson on #148507

    I don’t think so Sam. Her active playing career was so early that there were not a lot of harp recordings being made then. And she was very dissatisfied with the sound of recorded harp. One possibility might be in the archives of the ORTF, the French radio and television organization. I’d love to spend some time there and see what they have in the way of harp recordings and videos. I know that the ORTF did special programs on Lily Laskine and Pierre Jamet. So at the very least, there may be some interesting interviews in those archives. But I wonder if Renie ever played on the radio?

    patricia-jaeger on #148508

    To quote briefly from the book “Henriette Renie, Living Harp” by Francoise des Varennes, translated under the direction of Susann McDonald, and published by Music Works-Harp Editions, Bloomington, Indiana:

    “This book is not intended as a complete biography. It is an adaptation of programs broadcast in France”.

    “Her private recordings are reassembled in two cassettes”

    p. 98-99: Starting in 1926, she participated in the first radio broadcasts from the Eiffel Tower, and she made a number of recordings, first for Columbia, then for Odeon……Nevertheless, within three months all of her recordings, comprising

    carl-swanson on #148509

    Patricia- That’s really fascinating. What a project for someone to do: to research the recordings that Renie made.

    Katherine Denler on #148510

    What I was studying at Illinois, the Roslyn Rensch collection included two boxes of vinyls, including a Renie recording – the cover read “Enregistrements prives de Henriette Renie dans ses oeuvres et Liszt Mozart Schubert Debussy Busser”. However, the disc itself is a different recording, all live, titled “Henriette Renie et Les Amis”.

    Side 1
    0. Female introduction
    1. ?
    2. Danse des Lutins
    3. Piece Symphonique
    4. ?
    5. Contemplation, harp ensemble version (?)

    Side 2
    0. “Side two”
    1. Liszt Consolation No. 3
    2. Liszt Liebestraum
    3. ? (John Thomas? Introduction and variations)
    4. ? (Narrated piece, with female voice same as side 1).

    Sam, I’m glad you asked about this. I’d forgot about copying the disc to my computer. I’ll ask about the titles I don’t recognize (I’m fairly certain the ones on side 1 are her transcriptions).
    I should mention I compared the recording of Danse des Lutins of mine and the AHS and they are different (different tempi and different intonation issues).

    I found another really cool recording in the Rensch collection, Johnson and Koziova Music for Two Harps. It has a two harp version of Debussy Danses and of Ravel Introduction et Allegro.

    unknown-user on #148511

    Given the title, are they all recordings of Renie? I wonder who or what the “Amis” reffered to… I simply MUST get that recording of Piece Symphonique – it’s one of my favorites! Do you know how

    Katherine Denler on #148512

    I don’t know. I think the friends may refer to the harp ensemble work and the narrator on the last piece? I wish I had written more down at the time.
    As far as getting the recording, I could send you that track when I cut them into MP3’s (currently an audacity file on my computer). You can email me, kdenler at indiana dot edu and I will send it when I’m done. (Hopefully by my lesson on monday…)

    That would be REALLY cool.

    patricia-jaeger on #148513

    Sam, it is passionate people like yourself who can accomplish wonderful things! Since this is a strong interest, contact several sources to reach your goal: Roslyn Rensch, Susann McDonald, Sally Maxwell (she was in charge when the Eugene Chapter (Oregon)

    alexander-rider on #148514

    Fabrice Pierre told me that there exists an earlier recording of

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