Recordings of harp and cello?

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    Jennifer Browning on #159066

    My husband has recently taken up the cello and we hope to play together in time.

    dawn-penland on #159067

    You could check youtube for harp & cello.

    unknown-user on #159068

    My teacher, Ina Zdorovetchi, is planning on making a harp and cello CD with cellist Holgen Gjoni. I’ve seen them

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #159069

    Erica Goodman’s recordings are terrific. There was one long ago with Klaus and Helga Storck.

    Jerusha Amado on #159070


    I adore the combination of these two instruments!

    zach-hatcher on #159071

    Hey Jennifer, My brother and I are working on a recording of harp and Cello. I am also transcribing Flute/piano parts to fit the instrumentation.


    jessica-wolff on #159072

    Me too. Like most guitarists, I like the cello. While you’re waiting for your husband to pick up cello smarts, couldn’t you do simple little duets in the right range(s) with him? Folk songs, for example?

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