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    Gretchen Cover on #155455

    Can anyone recommend a tape recorder for recording yourself?

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #155456

    I have an older Zoom H2. I know there is a newer model now, but it works fine for me and when I got it, it was the top model. It

    diana-day on #155457

    Have you thought about recording yourself with video using an iPad or something similar? There’s nothing like seeing as well as hearing yourself as an incentive to improve your technique!

    cc-chiu on #155458

    I use audacity,

    daniele-di on #155459

    if you want something reeeally nice go for Briggsie advice…but if you are just doing it for yourself even a built-in mic of a laptop setup correctly can work well.

    I use this because it`s usb, and record with the logitech software (because it also record a video), otherwise I use audacity

    But I really didn`t needed something so powerful just for recording myself, I just happen to have it.
    I can send you some audio piece if you are really interested.

    Or you can get a good webcam with mic if you also want to record yourself 🙂

    poppy-rose on #155460

    I use my iPad. When I sit it on my music stand, it’s just the right height and angle to catch my hands and the strings. I also take it to my lessons to record my teacher playing new rhythms,or dynamics….

    Gretchen Cover on #155461

    Thank you everyone

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