Recording of the Handel Concerto

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    Ruth Mar on #168225

    Does anyone know of a good recording of the Handel Concerto, Salzedo

    unknown-user on #168226

    Yes, I just got one. The CD is by Cate Cannon Todd titled Passacaille. It has the Handel Passacaille and Concerto, Le Fille au Cheveaux de Lin, Canson dans la nuit, and many other great pieces. I’d suggest calling your local big bookstore/music store (aka Barnes and Noble, Borders, etc.) and getting it ordered or calling Lyon and Healy and seeing if they’ll order it for you. She’s excellent and the CD has everything you’d ever need.

    alexander-rider on #168227

    i got a beautiful one for christmas, its by lilly laskine and its on erato classics. it also has boieldieu’s harp concerto, bochsa’s harp concerto in d-minor and krupholtz’s concerto for harp no 6, and its really nice.

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