Recommendations to find wire/ wire strings?

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    hearpe on #220635

    Anyone know the best, or a good source of wire harp strings and/or bulk wire? Preferably in the U.S. would probably be best, but any recommendations welcome. Got a wire harp with three strings to replace.

    Thank you in advance.

    charles-nix on #220661

    I get mine from a harpsichord supplier. Usually it is Instrument Workshop.

    Hubbard Harpsichords would also likely have it.

    Be sure you know whether you need yellow brass, red brass, iron (several choices here), z-wire, or music wire.

    hearpe on #220789

    Just to follow up for future searches:

    I’ve done some searching on the net-
    (and for one- the harp is not actually here yet- the pictures of the strings appear quite silver- I’m assuming steel, (sounds boring- brass sounds more interesting) but of course won’t order until I can verify this-

    Thanks Charles for offering up the many types- Do you have a favorite material or any opinions?

    I found one source for Clarsach strings in the UK a few years back while just looking into these, but I haven’t been able to find him now. I’ll amend this if I can find that shoppe.

    I found some steel piano wires at ebay- this assortment:

    and these listed at 10 feet coils in all gauges :

    Phosphor Bronze strings in 20 foot coils at Robinsons Harp Shop

    Of some value also I think are alternate steel string harp string charts at Stoney End- I’m waiting to measure the harp- Stoney End lists the height of their harps and corresponding wire string gauges- I think I have a pretty good idea of what gauges I’ll be needing from that

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    hearpe on #220792

    Stoney End String Charts- wire gauges on the right.

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    Biagio on #220799

    Hearpe, is that the harp in the pictures the one you are acquiring? If so, it is the Musicmakers Limerick which is usually strung with steel if they are wire.

    If so MM can supply the steel set or individual strings. If you wish to go with brass or bronze you should lower the range (from C3 to G2). There are a few configurations that you might consider. The best would be bronze with red brass in the lowest octave.

    The likely UK source would be Malcolm Rose:


    hearpe on #220804

    Yes- That’s the harp-

    Wow, Biagio! Thanks for your post= That helps me tremendously. Music maker has the replacements- so I’ll go that way for now, but may consider brass and red bronze in the future.

    Got it fairly cheap, so I’ll have to look closely at the structural integrity.

    Also- Musicmakers seems to list different sizes of Loveland tuners for the steel strings. ???? I’ve generally heard that metal strings don’t really lever well. Any opinion there? I’ve got all the tuners off that Scamac fake harp- and they were the only part that were halfway decent.

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    Biagio on #220807

    Hi Hearpe,

    Happy to help. About levers…metal really does not like being kinked so most don’t use those but some people have. I have no experience there, just tune to Gmaj or Cmaj depending on what the lowest string might be and transpose if necessary.

    As for sizes: you should match the Lovelands to the string diameters. I’m pretty sure that MM lists that on their website. It might be easier and cheaper to use Universals instead….one size fits all and easier to install, especially if you will not change keys often.

    Have fun!


    hearpe on #220810

    Here is the source I recall seeing a few years back- I think you can get brasswire here in smaller quantity, or even sterling silver for the bass

    I found this site from this youtube vid.

    Anyway, I’m excited to finally have a chance to play some steel- I don’t know- I have really LOUSY fingernails!

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