Really, am I nuts?

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    Sid Humphreys on #162336

    This evening I have a choir rehearsal

    carl-swanson on #162337

    That’s a long walk even with a harp cart. And you didn’t say if you have a cart or you plan on carrying the harp, which would be totally insane. Start making calls now and get someone with a stationwagon or van to help you. Tell them: no help, no harp.

    Sid Humphreys on #162338

    Thanks for your advice Carl, I do have a cart but wanted to make sure I wasn’t being a wimp for not wanting to walk 12 blocks!

    p.s. deepest sympathy on your loss!

    Audrey Nickel on #162339

    You’re not being a wimp at all.

    Tacye on #162340

    I am not sure how long one of your blocks is, I used to routinely walk my harp up to about a mile and a half in good weather- but I did wonder at my own sanity.

    unknown-user on #162341

    re the walking part – a couple of times over the years I have had to get to jobs during the Christmas season in downtown San Antonio riverwalk area which is notorious for lack of parking even on a good day – I have had to park as far away as 10 blocks and walk the harp to the job – it’s exhausting and time consuming but certainly possible in an emergency – the long walk

    tony-morosco on #162342


    Being expected to haul a Concert Grand 12 blocks is unreasonable. You didn’t say if this was a paid job or if this is a volunteer gig with your own church. If you are being paid then I would say it is up to you to find your own transportation, but if you are doing this just as another member of the Choir then someone needs to lend a hand. I would think that of all musical groups a Choir would know how to pull together and help one another out.

    As someone else said, I would tell them that if no one can give you a ride then there will be no harp, period.

    I once carried a 30 string lever harp 20 blocks in Manhattan and it barely made it. If I had to do that and then play I would have been toast. A concert grand for 12 blocks? Not only hard on you but I can’t see that being a particularly good thing for the harp either. That’s a big monetary investment to be hauling by hand that distance.

    Sid Humphreys on #162343

    Such great advice you guys! I never thought of the cab thing! A neighbor has also offered to help me by giving me a lift in his Explorer. We’ll see if he’s still around at that time ;-)

    This is not a paying job, the choir is Resounding Harmony; it raises money for different charities, this concert being the North Texas food Bank. I do sing with that choir under the direction of Tim Seelig who has been kind enough to send an email to all the members requesting help. After I’m there, there’s no problem getting a lift home. This is still a wonderful experience for me as I’ve never dreamed

    harp guy on #162344

    Not meaning to sort of steal the thread here for a moment, but I am curious. In cities like New York, how exactly DO you move a harp around? I mean, most people don’t need cars/have cars of their own, and I wouldn’t dare take it on the subway….. And seeing as how I am considering a few graduate schools in cities like those, this has been a concern of mine.

    Sid Humphreys on #162345

    Yes, that’s why I posted this question. What is too far to walk? I know I said if my ride fell through that I wouldn’t walk the harp… but I did it! Yes, it was nuts but what a bonding experience it was with my instument. I now have many volunteers to pick me up for next weeks rehearsal and well as the concerts themselves. What was dissapointing though, no one gawked at the sight on the street, even at the busier intersections! Geeze, you would have at least expected a horn to honk, or two!


    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #162346

    In New York we had professional harp movers or car services with station wagons to call.

    Sid Humphreys on #162347

    Yes Saul and when I meet you I’m going to smack you! lol, just kidding. There wasn’t enough time to call a service as I would have to ask what is available then go on line and see if it’s big enough (the cab business isn’t that savey in Dallas). It really was easier to walk it. For the actual performance this Sunday, I’ve arraigned for a taxi van to haul me. The driver was nice enough to come by (at no charge)

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