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    Karen Johns on #161265

    Another thought occurred to me about patience in your approach to learning music. Learning music is like learning another language in

    unknown-user on #161266

    Try these:

    They’re free.

    unknown-user on #161267

    And I forgot another one that might help. Go to and look for the “little lessons”. You can choose a topic if you find the archives.

    patricia-jaeger on #161268

    In Norway there is a highly regarded harpist named Willy Postma, teaching in a major University there. It is highly likely that if you search on the internet and find a way to contact her, she will know a teacher or an advanced harp student not too far from you! Good luck!

    Tali Rothstein on #161269

    Two things that helped me were the method Rod mentioned, and also this music theory website:

    renate-kvalsvik on #161270

    Thank you so much!
    Luckily, I have now found a teacher, Sunniva Wettre, who is based in Oslo. I only have lessons once a month, but it’s better than nothing. I also purchased Pamela Bruner’s Play the Harp Beautifully, and it’s helped me a lot to learn to read music. So things are looking good 🙂


    unknown-user on #161271

    Tali, thank you so much for posting that site on reading music. I went there and loved the way they teach you to read the notes! I too never learned to read music, I never had to. Playing guitar with voice there just was no need. Just figure out the cords and go. I also have been writing the letters under the notes and found my self reading the letters more than

    Liam M on #161272

    Hello Renate!

    I share your dilemma. One thing I found which is helping is music flash cards. Although my wife is ready to feed them to me, they are helping.

    I find I pick through a song reading the music the first few times then I catch the finger placements and the sound and ignore the music from then on… which is not improving my reading speed at all. But I do not read fast enough to play. I suppose time will help and diligence….

    Hmmmm.. I wonder if she will cook the flash cards forst?

    unknown-user on #161273

    I know exactly where you are coming from I love doing music and i think im pretty good in it but when it comes to read music i am horrible. I can not combine my hand and what i read.
    But it is just a matter of training and i promise it will be better in a few years – but never forget it has to be fun – so play sometimes without reading and you will learn soon that reading is not everything!

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