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    unknown-user on #163725

    Thanks for everyone’s help on the way to attach the tuning pickup. Now I need help on reading the tuner. I bought a Peterson Stroboflip tuner, and it picks up the lower strings beautifully. Learning to read it is somewhat of a process. Does anyone have any wonderful tips that might help me. I know that if too

    barbara-low on #163726

    If the meter is moving, then the string is out of tune. When it stops completely, or creeps ever so slightly sharp, you’ve reached “in tune-ness.” If you’re still having problems, dampen the wires with fabric. If your strobe has problems with 1st octave on up, you can either tune by ear, or use a lapel microphone which may be able to transmit the signal better.


    barbara-low on #163727

    Oh, and if the strobe isn’t picking up the sound because the shorter strings die out too fast, play the note faster, like quarter or eighth notes, instead of half notes. You want to keep feeding information to the strobe so that it can give you an accurate reading.

    Hope this makes sense and it works for you.

    unknown-user on #163728

    Thanks Barbara. I am still working with it. I think it is coming easier.

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