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    Gregory Sawisky on #150248

    I’m trying to find a cart for my celtic harp (5 feet tall) and wondering if anyone has any suggestions for stores to check out? Hope Depot? Office Depot? Many thanks.

    Karen Johns on #150249

    Well, you could look at Home Depot for a plant stand on wheels. One of my students uses this to wheel around her harp and it works great. She did have to secure the stand around the feet with a bungee cord, but she pooled some fabric around the base and you don’t even see it. Was this what you were thinking? Other than that, all that keeps popping in my mind is a dolly of sorts, maybe a half-dolly you could disguise/cushion with fabric. You’d still need to figure out a way to secure your harp though. Home Depot would probably have those too.

    Hope this helps :-)


    Karen Johns on #150250

    Half or full dolly securing device idea- Musicmaker’s kneebones. I know these are used for securing a lap harp for ease of playing, but it may do a double duty here. You could affix padding against the metal so the back of the harp wouldn’t rub.

    Rachel on #150251

    I use Remin Kart-a-Bag Tri Kart 800 with the extended handles.

    karen on #150252

    What kind of harp is it? Not many celtic harps are 5 feet! I know that the Pratt CHamber harp is 63″ tall and John Pratt (the maker of them) is working on a harp cart for them.

    laura-stokes on #150253

    I don’t know if this would work for a celtic harp but Camac has an interesting new dolly.

    here it is:

    harp dolly

    andy-b on #150254

    The Camac dolly has a large round peg on the middle of the shelf that fits into a hole in the base of their pedal

    galen-reed on #150255

    These are excellent – very substantial and well built without being too heavy.

    galen-reed on #150256

    Oops – I was responding to the post about the Tri Kart 800.

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