Raymonda by Glazunov

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    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #148021

    When I was a student I was given a short harp solo from the ballet Raymonda by Glazunov. Does anyone know which act it is from? It is the dance with the veil.

    ruzanna-arustamyan on #148022

    I guess you are asking about Prelude and Variation from
    Raymonda ballet.

    It is from Act I, tableau 1. The scene is called “Raymonda’s dreams”
    and below is a youtube link with that dance:


    And another video featuring a young Russian harpist performing this beautiful
    harp solo:


    catherine-rogers on #148023

    I bought the “Prelude et Variation” years ago from FC Publishing Company; it was transcribed by Faith Carman in 1987. It’s just 3 pages. It’s in C but I like to play it in Cb for a more resonant sound.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #148024

    Thanks so much! We will be performing some dances from Act 3 this season, and I thought this solo might be on the program.

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