Ravenna 26 vs Harpsicle Special Edition

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    petaleafy on #260135


    To those who have had a chance to play both of these harps, please could you tell me how loud the Harpsicle special edition sounds compared the Ravenna 26? I own the Ravenna 26, I really like how loud it is and how the sound carrys but I am looking for a lighter harp. Is the Harpsicle special edition harp quite loud, does the sound carry well without the need for amplification? What are your thoughts?

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    wil-weten on #260136

    The Ravenna has a full and rich sound and carries surprisingly well. Also, it’s comfortably stable while you play it.

    The harpsicles, also those special editions, score significantly lower on all points, though I think they are really nice for camping and picknicking or to play while laying in bed. Balancing the harpsicles goes much better when you use the optional, special Harpsicle adjustable stand. Yet, I think you’ll prefer your Ravenna in practically every respect.

    Why would you need a lighter harp? Buying a harp cart might be a better idea if carrying the Ravenna 26 in a rucksack is too heavy for you.

    There are lighter harps with a much better sound than the harpsicles, but they are much pricier and still sound a bit quiet. Think of the Lewis Creek Nightingale, the Lewis Creek Jessie or the Lewis Creek Ultralight.

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