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    dorka.janka@gmail.com on #196128

    Dear All,

    I live in the Middle-East, and here  is no someone who repairs the harps. I need some help…

    I have a half year old Salvi Daphne, and when I was playing today, I heard something rattling noise around 4th octave F and G, but only when these are sharp mode… This is very irritating.

    Don’t you know what is this, and how can I fix it?

    I am really appreciate your help.

    Gretchen Cover on #196130

    Your harp is still under warranty, presuming you bought it new. You should contact Salvi Harps directly.  You may want to record the noise and include a sound clip with your email. You may also want to have someone take a phone video while you change the pedal to sharp.  Do not work on your harp before you discuss this with Salvi or you could void your warranty.

    Quite possibly, your harp – rather new or used – just needs a regulation from being shipped such a long distance. Find out if there is a harp tech that services harps in your country.

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