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    harp-lady on #146201

    Ok it’s time for that question again:

    What do you charge for performances in New York (NYC and surrounding areas) for the following: Church wedding ceremony, secular wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, funeral, other events. Any rules of thumb to go by? Thanks everyone! 🙂

    onita-sanders on #146202

    My suggestion would be to look up the harpists in the musicians union and just call them as if you were going to book for a wedding ceremony, reception, cocktails, etc. so you would get some idea without ruffling any feathers as to a general price. They do not have to know that you are also a harpist. I would also google the harpist/New York or any other way that you could to find out what there names are and what they charge by going to their websites as well as asking on harpcolumn so you are not just waiting for responses that may or may not come.

    Onita Sanders

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