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    Sylvia on #189047

    Anyone else play for quince ceremonies?

    balfour-knight on #189052

    Okay, Sylvia, now you have me intrigued! What exactly is a quince ceremony? So far, I have not read about one in your very entertaining wedding books!
    Best wishes,

    Sylvia on #189056

    A quinceañera is a celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday.

    The Catholic ceremony is a mass, and if the people are not Catholic, it is usually held in a church. Then there is a dinner-reception afterward. The Catholic ceremony is very much like a wedding mass, without the wedding.

    I haven’t played very many, and I’ve had only two that were not in a Catholic church…one in a park, and one in a storefront church. I’m not sure I’d played any at the time I wrote my books. I played the storefront church a couple of weeks ago.

    Affeltranger@att.net on #189146

    Although not Catholic I have played them at the insistence of parents who hear me in a restaurant. I do need someone to cue me in (and out) though. I play classical and a lot of O’Carolan and it seems to work. Have found the church music directors very helpful in all cases.

    Elizabeth Webb on #189147

    I have played several in Arizona and in Mexico. I had a quinceanera myself when I turned 15 (spent much of my growing up years in Mexico, so the culture is deeply part of my heritage). I’m not Catholic, so we had mine in a generic event venue. As others have stated, in your general quinceanera, musically treat it like a Catholic wedding and you will probably be fine. First time I played Ave Maria was for a quince. I couldn’t find a solo arrangement so I rewrote the accompaniment version from Sylvia Wood’s Hymns and Wedding music book into a solo version. I have several other versions now, but I think my first version is still my favorite to play.

    balfour-knight on #189148

    Thanks, everyone, for your explanations and stories about this. Now I know what it is!
    Best regards,

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