Questions on Fountain Harps maker

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    nadav-kon on #146072

    Hello all,

    I have recently done some work on a small and nice Celtic harp with a strange design that I did not see on other harps. The owner did not know what harp it is, who the maker and even the string gauges are a complete mess. Today we found for the first time that this harp has a maker, model name and a serial number.

    Fountain harps
    Model Fountain Clarsach

    Tacye on #146073

    I believe that Fountain haven’t existed for a fair while.

    nadav-kon on #146074

    Do you by any chance know how many were made?

    nadav-kon on #146075

    Tacye on #146076

    Those look like Pilgrim levers so perhaps Pilgrim would be able to tell you more.

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