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    Sonya Wiley

    I’m thinking about making a trip to L & H to view harps; I’ve never been to Chicago. How far is the showroom from O’Hare or good hotels? We would take a taxi i’m sure. Any info or pointers would be appreciated by this southern harpist newby. 🙂


    Hi Sonya! I moved to Chicago about a year ago and have been to L & H twice so I could probably offer you some insight! First, you can get just about anywhere in Chicago by their “L” train system, which would be the best choice for pretty much any trip you would make downtown lol. Theres actually a stop just about a block or two from the L & H factory. Also, there is an L train that runs from O’Hare so you probably wouldn’t need to bother with a rental car, if that is something you were questioning (unless you don’t plan on staying downtown).
    Anyway, I would recommend checking out the train route maps on
    Scroll down to the “L” system map and you can choose how you want to view it. Maybe consider that when you’re looking for a hotel although, if you’re staying downtown, most likely there will be a stop within walking distance from where you’re at. Also if you look at hotel locations on google maps, it will show train stops if you zoom in, they’re marked by an “M” in a white square. That could help if you wanna make sure you’re close to a station.

    About the showroom, I’ve found it best to email Nancy O’Brien at Lyon & Healy at
    She’s helped me A LOT when I’ve been down there and getting my rental harp and also just answering any possibly question I’ve had for her. I would recommend emailing her about a week prior to your planned visit there. That way if you have any question about what harps they have in the showroom, she can answer that for you. If you have a question as to whether or not they’ll have a specific harp there that you want to play, she can let you know.
    Also keep in mind, they’re only open Mon-Friday until 4pm so plan on a weekday to make your visit.
    And one last thing, they offer tours of the factory which is actually really neat. You can see the whole process of how they make their harps. They offer the tour every weekday around 12 so if you’re interested in that, let Nancy know when you email her.

    Let me know if you have any other questions! I actually just went down there last week to play a 23, and it was AMAZZINNGGGG!!! Just sad that I work full time during the week so I can never make it down there unless I take a day off of work, otherwise I would go wayy more. Hope you enjoy your visit and again, let me know if you have any other questions! Hope this helped 🙂

    Sonya Wiley

    Thankyou! I emailed you at your Music Stand

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