Question on Soundboard Rivets

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    jzydek on #251019

    I just looked at an L&H 15. The bottom 7 notes don’t have rivets around the holes in the soundboard, and strings have started digging into the board. Is this something that putting new rivets on would solve? Or is this soundboard damaged beyond repair. Please, I am looking for a knowledgeable answer and not a guess. Thanks in advance.

    kk195223 on #251020

    Is it possible to reach out directly to L&H and ask for input on your question? My apology if you have already thought to do this.

    Tacye on #251021

    Did the soundboard have round disks set in above the holes like this?

    carl-swanson on #251022

    They’re not called rivets. They’re called bass wire dots. They’re made of nylon, and if they get loose, the wire string can rotate the dot around so the string is digging into the center strip(the strip of wood that all of the strings exit the soundboard from). This can be fixed, but there should be dots on all of the wire string holes in the center strip.

    jzydek on #251030

    Yes, and that’s what we were thinking — that they were supposed to be like that. I have never noticed that before, but I’m not a big L&H fan, so I never really saw them like that. I’m quite sure it’s normal. The soundboard is probably normal. Thank you so much for that pic.

    jzydek on #251031

    Thanks, Carl. Yeah, they are not turned. They are fine. I just expected to see rivets or grommets like on my Camac. Thank you.

    balfour-knight on #251253

    Hello, Jzydek,

    Forgive me, but I am a bit confused. I read elsewhere on this forum that you have a Camac Athena CG. Doesn’t it have dots for the bass strings? My Camac Atlantide Prestige CG certainly does, 14 of them. They go up two notes higher than the 12 Bass wires, since Camac can also provide a different gauge of strings for those 14 notes, all in wire. Please check and see if your Athena is like the Atlantide.

    Best wishes,

    jzydek on #251254

    No dots on my Athena….no.

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    balfour-knight on #251262

    Thanks, jzydek! I just thought all Camac pedal harps had those nylon dots. You learn something new every day on these delightful harp forums!

    balfour-knight on #251283

    By the way, I have always called those “eyelets” that the other strings pass through.

    jzydek on #251396

    Carl, I picked up the harp today, and I noticed that although none of them are turned, many have wear, and I would like to replace them all. Is this something I can do myself? Maybe push them back and out and stick in new ones from the back side maybe? If so, can I get the dots from L&H West d’ya think? TIA

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