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    HBrock25 on #166263

    Hi guys 🙂

    I just joined and have a question on a Camac Clio if anyone can help

    I’d be MESSAGE KEY MISSING: ‘2’ grateful.&MESSAGE KEY MISSING: ‘3’; I’ve had her for just about 4 years and lately

    she’s been giving off a huge undertone hum.&MESSAGE KEY MISSING: ‘5’; It’s quite loud and I have no

    idea what’s causing it.&MESSAGE KEY MISSING: ‘7’; I’ve tried adjusting the cables according to the owner’s manual.&MESSAGE KEY MISSING: ‘8’; Any idea how to fix this?

    Thanks so much!


    Kathleen Duffy-Conway on #166264

    LOL I’ve messed up this post.


    Hopefully you can read past the “MESSAGE KEY MISSING”

    I have no idea what I did there. LOL

    Again though any ideas I would be so grateful for.

    barbara-brundage on #166265

    What do you mean by “a huge undertone”? A buzz?

    Kathleen Duffy-Conway on #166266

    Thanks for replying!

    No it’s almost like, oh, like when you run your finger around

    the edge of a glass?

    catherine-rogers on #166267

    Does it happen when you play a particular note?

    Kathleen Duffy-Conway on #166268

    It happens mostly when I’m playing in the lower and middle ranges.

    It’s almost as if the strings won’t stop vibrating.

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