question for Thormahlen Swan owners

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    Amy Wilson on #147264


    I am thinking about buying a Thor Swan strung in nylon through a private owner in another state.

    kay-lister on #147265


    I have a Swan strung with nylon and a L&H 85E Concertino pedal harp strung with gut.

    Rachel on #147266

    I don’t know where you live Amy, but there is a Thormahlen Swan with nylon strings for sale in Madison, WI:

    kailee-price on #147267

    I also have a Swan and an L&H pedal harp and I do notice quite a bit of difference in tension – playing the pedal harp gives me blisters but playing the Swan doesn’t! So I’d almost say medium, but I am not sure…I also have a Dusty Strings Ravenna and the Swan has greater tension than the Ravenna, but I feel like it is closer to the Ravenna than the L&H.

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