Question About Shipping a Celtic Harp

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    ioldanach on #217604

    I’ve got a 36-string Heartland Pegasus which I’m going to list for sale. I bought it for not-much money, replaced the pins and lever cams, replaced the strings and since I’ve learned from it what I wish to, I’m going to sell it on.
    I’m not looking to profit from it, but I can’t sell it at all if the shipping is too expensive, as I’ll need to factor that into the price that I list it for.
    So, would some kind person tell me of an affordable way to ship this harp in the continental U.S.? I’m in Des Moines, if that matters.


    David Kitamura on #217623

    LTL freight shipping is a constant when it comes to the shipment of any floor sized harp, as any dealer will tell you. It seems to never cost less than a few hundred dollars to ship them as they are overweight/oversized packages. While there is a little variance depending on zone and the carrier you use, I’d expect at least 300 dollars’ freight for a home delivery of a 36 string lever harp, and that’s before factoring costs of any packaging you’ll need. This is just a ballpark number I noticed when shopping for my own 34-string harp recently.

    It’s likely not the answer you want to hear, but it is a reality and a reason why many private sellers of a harp prefer local dealings and won’t ship at all if they can help it.

    Biagio on #217705

    A shipping company, obviously (I usually use UPS, others are FedEx and LTL) but a more common and important question is how to pack it. Some shippers will do that for you but unless they are experienced with harps it may be better to do that yourself. Rather than go into a long description, here is a link to how Dusty Strings packs theirs (PDF) which you may modify according to your specific resources:


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