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    shelby-m on #107291

    So, I was poking around on YouTube (while trying to find out if anybody had done Flight of the Bumblebee on harp – LOL!) and I found this video…
    Flight of the Birds – John Kovak
    He hardly moves his fingers!

    jessica-wolff on #107292

    John Kovac plays a Paraguayan harp. You’ll also notice he plays way high up on the strings. Cecile Corbel plays Celtic harp. People who play folk harp have a range of different techniques. I can only describe Loreena McKennitt’s technique as odd. It looks almost like the way wire-harp players play.

    So don’t let it worry you. You can go on playing a more orthodox (pedal harp) style if you so choose.

    shelby-m on #107293


    deb-l on #107294

    if you want to see some odd technique just stop by my house!

    Katherine Denler on #107295


    A lot of technique differences come from different string tensions — smaller harps, be they south american, folk, or older single-action harps are going to require less force for the string to vibrate fully. Modern instruments require more force, and thus you use your entire digit, with hand, wrist, forearm, bicep as support.

    Lighter tension does mean certain repeated passages or oscillations are much easier… which is why folk music has awesome ornamentation 🙂

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