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    Biagio on #218082

    Brooke, I emphatically agree that a customized Voyageur can be an outstanding harp. Indeed, all the Musicmakers’ harps are good just as stock design and can be excellent if one wishes to invest $200-$500 to upgrade the basic kit. They really put a lot of thought into the design.

    As a for instance, you can lower the Voyageur range by two steps (with fiber/silver in the last few), or keep the C-A range but substitute BFN in the bass, fluorocabon or gut in the mid for an entirely different tone. Or go all out with the above and a spruce sound board. Spend a little more again for Camac or Truitt levers instead of Lovelands and – wow!


    Kristen McCann on #218086

    Oh my goodness! Brooke, I have been eyeing your harp often for some weeks. Interesting that I’m in touch with the previous owner! I love that harp… and fall! I tend to agree (based on whatever I can dig up on youtube) that the sound is far superior. This does make playing much more enjoyable, doesn’t it. The newer year is helpful with the new innovations. Love the Camac levers. Is there a secret to getting an inexpensive bag to travel with? I’m making a trip to see soon as I just need to have my hands on these. Did you do any other modifications on your harp when you ordered? I’m assuming that you would consider the price difference between these two VG’s money well spent. Really appreciate you chiming in here.

    brook-boddie on #218088

    Hi Kristen,
    Ugh…I just went to their website to be sure the harp is still there, and it’s been sold. 🙁 I wish I had seen this a few days ago. I’m so sorry about that, but maybe another one will crop up, or they’ll be at Somerset. I also love their Gothic harps, but I don’t think they make those anymore. The sound samples they have of the Jolie online sound very nice. Regardless, I really hope you can find a nice Voyageur. To my ear, they are no different than a really nice Dusty or Thormahlen. Again, this is assuming you can find one of the newer ones. I’ve not played any really old models. Keep us posted!

    Kristen McCann on #218092

    Wow! They just updated this as sold! 🙁 Welllll….. I’m just going to have to watch and think and wait then. Thank you for helping Brooke. I’ll let you know what happens. Disappointed, but still hopeful!

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