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    barbara-dixon on #225758

    Does anyone know where I can purchase just one Camac lever? I have a broken one and my harp maker is not in business anymore. Musicmakers doesn’t sell them, and I can’t seem to find anyone who does. thanks.

    wil-weten on #225763

    I would contact the addresses mentioned at: https://www.camac-harps.com/en/general-distribution/#usa

    Talfryn on #225765

    Hello Barbara
    For making harps I purchase my levers directly from Camac. For sharping levers you will find their contact info on the following link.


    I am in France so it’s easy to phone them and discuss but you can send them an email as they are an international organisation..

    andy-b on #225769

    Where are you located? If you’re in the USA, you could try calling one of the harpmakers who does use Camac levers and see if they’d sell you one. I don’t know if they would, but it doesn’t hurt to ask! Thormahlen, Triplett, and Dusty Strings all use Camac levers.

    elizabeth-de-almeida on #225779

    Hi Barbara-dixon,

    I actually purchased my concert melusine lever harp through Virginia Harp Center in New Jersey, if you are in the area. They ordered it for me from Camac. It took about a month.

    All the best,

    barbara-dixon on #225785

    Thank you all for your suggestions. I will certainly try them. Since I live in Canada, I will try the closest ones first. I had already emailed Dusty Strings who are relatively close by, but they have not responded, hence my post. When I ‘Googled’ Camac levers, I didn’t get any good links except Camac themselves, so thank you all for your alternate suggestions. I will let you know where I finally get one!

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