PT Cuiser as a Temporary Harpmobile

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    steven-amazeen on #183426

    My 2003 Taurus needs a new computer module which would cost about $1800 at a dealer – the car is only worth $2400 at best. Out of curiosity I began a search for a used car in that price range, with very low expectations. Here in California the PT Cruiser is plentiful and very inexpensive. A search of craigslist for my area returned 298 results ranging in price from $2200 to $8000 with a median price of $4000, as opposed to 4 results for the Taurus/Sable.

    A friend just bought a 2002 PT Cruiser with 70,000 miles from the proverbial “little old lady” for $2500. I asked her to bring it by to see whether it would fit a Camac Blue 47 and my large triple harp. Amazingly, they both fit by base loading the harps with the rear seats removed and the front passenger seat folded flat. Substantial padding is required because there is a height difference between the folded front seat and the deck of the car, and I wouldn’t even consider base loading without a good set of padded covers for the pedal harp (the triple is completely enclosed in a well padded travel case).

    I would like to get a Prius V, but financing is a challenge as my income dropped rather subsantially in the last year. The PT cruiser is not perfectly harpable and not an ideal long term solution, but it will work and I can get one in a hurry if necessary.

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