Protection beneath Harp In cemetery

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    Lauren on #250746

    Has anyone used something beneath their Harp when playing outside particularly in a cemetery situation where there might be grass and soft earth? I’m thinking of a yoga mat or plastic tarp, but wonder about additional support beneath the instrument such as a custom wood piece——especially if the ground is damp. I play a Celtic Harp (30 lb).

    balfour-knight on #250756


    I have used a heavy rug with rubber backing to play my lever harp (Dusty FH 36S) for graveside services. Also, for further support, you may wish to use a piece of plywood, about 4’x4′ under the rug. Measure off a square or rectangular area in your practice room to see exactly what size plywood would accomodate you and the harp, and it needs to be about 3/4″ thick. If the ground is damp, place a piece of plastic down under the plywood and rug.

    I hope this helps!

    Have a great harp day,

    harpist123 on #250757

    I use a piece of plywood stained the color of my harp (walnut) and it is very supportive and pretty (and yes, 3/4″ thick). You can make a footprint out of paper that will encompass your chair and harp for size, so you don’t carry excess weight. You can also screw on a leather handle on one side made from a piece of an old leather belt to use as a handle. The wood will also help your sound project. Honestly, I wouldn’t cover the wood with carpet or anything. That will absorb your sound outdoors. Best to you 🙂

    balfour-knight on #250761

    I agree about the hard wood surface being better for sound projection, but the rug with rubber backing is to keep me and my harp from slipping on uneven, unstable terrain. You would not believe some of the situations I have encountered in my long career of doing this, ha, ha! That was a very good post, though, and thanks for sharing, Harpist 123.

    Harp Hugs and cheers,

    Lauren on #250762

    Thank you, Harp123! I will take this into consideration constructing my new “harp accessory “. Love the handle idea too. Do appreciate your input.

    Lauren on #250763

    Balfour, I certainly appreciate the thought behind your detailed responses. Many thanks for sharing what has worked for you in the field, so to speak! So, from your experience, it would be good to have a carpet remnant, not attached to the wood? I was thinking of perhaps gluing a remnant to top of wood…..if separate, Would you place carpet below wood piece? Or on top? Thanks!

    balfour-knight on #250770

    Hi, Lauren,

    I just measured my plywood for you: it is 3/4″ thick, 30″ wide, and 42″ long. My rubber-backed rug is just slightly smaller than that, to fit on top of the plywood very well. The plywood piece could be used without the rug to increase sound projection, if I were on very level, firm ground. I was just thinking of staining or painting it to make it look nice when not using the rug, thanks to Harpist 123! Great idea!

    I will add that I perform without music or music stand, so if you need room for the stand, increase the width of the plywood. I hope all this works well for you, and happy harping!


    balfour-knight on #250771

    I just tried to post here for Wil-Weten, and it appears to have failed. Any thoughts?

    harpist123 on #250772

    Hello again! Thought I’d mention why I decided to get a board in the first place…One time I was playing on a “carpeted” stage that sat about 1 foot up from the main floor. And my sound disappeared into the carpet. I was to play a 2nd set later that evening at this same venue, and asked my neighbor for a piece of plywood that was leaning against his house. Oh my! It WAS ugly!! But the sound filled the room, and I decided to have one available that was much prettier, if the need arose. It fits underneath my quilt in back of my Jeep for such situations 🙂

    balfour-knight on #250774

    Harpist 123–how neat! We used to own a 2002 Honda CRV that had a folding picnic table in the back to cover the compartment below. I never thought of using it to place a harp on, but I bet it would have worked! It seems you have re-invented this idea for your Jeep! We could add legs or a folding stand to place our plywood pieces on and have a nice picnic table. My sweet wife would love it!

    Cheers to all,

    Lauren on #250786

    Thanks for measuring your board for me, Balfour! That gives me a ballpark for creating one, though I do use a stand. Very helpful.

    Lauren on #250787

    Hi Harp123, love the image of the board under a quilt in your car (I’m a quilter too). I’m glad you shared the projection component with the wood, my sound is not robust, so it’s great to be aware of that acoustic reality. Thanks so much for the input.

    Lauren on #250788

    Balfour and Harp123, thanks so much for sharing!

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