Protecting hardwood floors from harp

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    J P on #150234

    I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this.

    Donna O on #150235

    The hardware stores have soft felt rounds that can be attached to the bottom of the harp.

    Charles on #150236

    Hello JP,

    The only way you will keep a new wood floor looking new is to not live on it. Beauty marks will happen. I know I had new

    J P on #150237

    I have three pedal harps.

    Christian Frederick on #150238

    …. interesting timing.

    Christian Frederick on #150239

    …. just commenting on your statement. I just moved from my old home of 30 years…. it had beautiful oak floors that were refinished in 1978. We always had rugs on the floors, including hand-dyed rugs we bought in Morocco. After all those years and incarnations of moving rugs around, we never had any discoloring of the wood, so I wouldn’t worry if I were you (only worry if your wood does not have a finish-sealer)…. just my two cents…

    Donna O on #150240

    I have had no problem with the harp sliding while playing with the felt on the feet.

    Denise Lockamy on #150241

    I use the felt stick-on pads. We were also told not to put rugs down for at least a year. My kitchen has the same hardwood as my living room, and I worried about water on it, so put down a small rug by the sink and refrig. Yep, under the rugs the floor is paler than the rest of the room now.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #150242

    Well, I would be more worried about protecting the harp from the floor, than the other way around, and I wouldn’t attempt any kind of modification. You can get a rubber welcome mat to put under the harp.

    J P on #150243

    Hi Denise,

    That’s exactly what we were told, so that is why no rugs Christian.

    Tacye on #150244

    I had the steel feet on my L&H replaced with Salvi plastic wheels and it is much easier to move the harp now.

    kay-lister on #150245

    Hmmm – we have natural red oak floors and just recently took up

    paul-wren on #150246

    Check out your local office supply store. I also have the hand scraped oak.

    Trista Hill on #150247

    I had a similar concern about my floors, though they aren’t even installed yet.

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