Prokofieff Winter Bonfire Suite (Winter Holiday, Op.122)

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    David Ice on #222864

    I’ve transcribed this part into Sibelius, as the music I was given was absolutely illegible manuscript–to the point that, even staring at a chord for a full minute, I still wasn’t sure what the notes were.

    If anybody wants/needs it, let me know. It’s not difficult music to play, nearly sight-readable–but of COURSE, fate makes life as difficult as possible. I mean, on my part I can’t even see at a glance what the key signature is! On my part a previous harpist had written in note names (for even whole notes!) and alot of them have question marks beside them!

    David Ice

    Gretchen Cover on #222897

    David, thanks for sharing your music. I must add, I am disappointed you weren’t writing about your outrageous Christmas pageant or a gig gone wrong:)

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