Privacy error notice?

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    Sylvia on #221827

    Anyone else getting the notice when you try to bring up harp column?
    I got in by just typing harp column in the address bar. The “new” harp column brings a privacy notice blocking it.

    Harp Column Staff on #221851

    Hi Sylvia:

    We’d love some more information about this so we can take a better look. Can you provide the exact url you’re going to along with a screen shot? Can you describe what you mean by “blocking”?


    —the Harp Column team

    Sylvia on #221873

    I tried to copy and paste the page, but it wouldn’t copy.

    wil-weten on #221876

    Sylvia, it may help to make a print screen by simultaneously pressing the two buttons Fn Prnt Scrn and pasting the image in a mail to the email address you will find bottom left under ‘Contribute’.

    I don’t get such a notice, but then my software blocks all kinds of pop-ups.

    ruth-harper on #221877

    I saw the exact same screen on the evening of October 22. However, on the morning of Oct 23, I had no problem bringing up Harp Column. The privacy error re-appeared that evening. I deleted my link to Harp Column, typed it in again, saved it, and have had no problems since then.

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    Harp Column Staff on #221910

    Hi everyone:

    Thanks so much for the input. I see what’s happening now. A few things:

    We made some updates over the weekend that allow you to log in to all three Harp Column websites with a single account. Users have been requesting this for a while so we’re pretty happy about it!

    I’m not sure where the url is coming from. Sylvia, could you tell us where you found that link so we can change it?

    To access the forums, simply go to This is the link in our main menu and you should not receive any privacy warnings if you’re using this link.

    —Kim at Harp Column

    Sylvia on #221931

    The “new” started the last time (back some years ago) the format was re-done.

    Harp Column Staff on #221939

    Thanks for the input Sylvia. If you’re still seeing the “new” link anywhere, please let us know so we can update it. In the meantime, going directly to should solve the problem.

    —Kim at Harp Column

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