Prius V + Tall Person + Concert Grand Harp

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    Christian Frederick on #113492

    I’m trying to find out if a Prius V will hold a Concert Grand Harp with the driver’s seat all the way back. I know there are shorter people who put the seat forward, but I drive with the seat all the way back. Does anyone have an accurate confirmed answer?

    Alison on #113493

    unlikely, see:

    kreig-kitts on #113494

    Christian, how tall are you anyway? I only ask because I hear harpists who are 5’6″ saying they need to move the seat all the way back. I’m 6′ and very leggy and have never needed the seat the entire way back. The instructions I gave a couple years ago were before the Prius V had been tried more for harps, and the original poster wasn’t familiar with loading, so I included worst case scenario instructions for a regular Prius and how one could fit a concert grand.

    I don’t think anybody has tried it with the seats all the way back. Hopefully you live close enough to a dealer to get a test drive out to your home. If I ever car shop again that’s what I will likely do, unless I get something obviously more than sufficient like a minivan. For now I’ve settled on ZipCar once again, realizing the hassles of renting a car once or twice a month are less than the hassles of owning full time. I’m fortunate to be able to use mass transit for my day-to-day non-harp needs.

    Christian Frederick on #113495

    Wow Kreig and Alison, that really helps. Thank you. Do you know if the new version of the Prius V is larger than the old one? When I’m ready, I need to take my harp to a Toyota dealer and try it out. Maybe I can drive occasionally with the driver’s seat a little forward, but not too much. I’m just under 6′ 3″. I’m taller from the waist up and need a car with lots of headroom also. I’ve had two mini vans and I want to downsize.

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