Prelude 40 or Prelude 38 or Salvi Ana

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    unknown-user on #155730

    I’m looking for some advice.

    brook-boddie on #155731


    I have owned each of the harps you asked about at some point in my life (no comments, Andy!).

    barbara-brundage on #155732

    I live in FL and the harps are fine. The gut strings do break fairly often though, and gut strung harps are hard to keep in tune outside in the humidity.

    Dustys are more stable for tuning than the preludes/anas, partly because of the stringing.

    unknown-user on #155733

    Brook– thank you for your input.

    brook-boddie on #155734

    If you’re looking for a higher-tension lever harp (like the ones you asked about above), I’d recommend the L&H Ogden.

    unknown-user on #155735

    does anyone know how the prelude compares to the Salvi ana ? I found a sample of Salvi ana sample and it was very nice
    I still can’t find any sample of the Prelude.
    L&H said they didn’t have any samples when I emailed them…So are the sound a lot different for the prelude 40 vs Salvi ana?

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #155736

    I have played them both…..granted it was only one harp from each line, but if I were buying one or the other, it would be the Salvi Ana….hands down. The sound was much finer.


    Jerusha Amado on #155737

    I have owned only the Ana, but I agree with Briggs about the quality of the sound.

    unknown-user on #155738

    Where can I find the Ana for purchase? I read in the forum that they have some of the older models for sale with the Salvi levers. Are salvi levers better? The newer models are going to different levers?

    hmm be really nice if i could find a sample of the prelude 40 to compare.

    New Salvi Ana 38 are 5200$ w/ salvi levers
    Prelude 40 is 4490$ dunno what kind of lever?

    Jerusha Amado on #155739

    Salvi in Los Angeles has the Ana with the older, better levers:

    brook-boddie on #155740


    You could contact the Salvi store in CA directly (

    unknown-user on #155741

    Thanks so much Brook…Read so many forums and review…kinda dizzy…but guess i’m down to these four. I just need to find a sample of the Prelude…

    Prelude 40
    Salvi Ana old model
    Triplett Sierras

    Again Thanks so much..will email saliv…

    Indra Prabowo on #155742

    Hi Lisa
    I own a Prelude 38 and I live in Jakarta, Indonesia where we have warm humid weather all year round. I’ve got my harp used ( 5 years old) this February. Until this month I’ve already changed nearly all the 3rd octave strings and some 4th strings due to breakage. I think partly of it was caused by the strings age rather than by the weather or humidity. However after I installed air conditioner in the harp’s room the breakage stopped. The AC only on when I’m practising but I think it’s fine for the harp.
    I didn’t do special care for the harp but I avoided sunlight, even sunlight from glass window.
    Hope you make the best decision!


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