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    erynfuson on #206848

    Has anyone had good/bad experience with certain preamps? I’ll need to be able to plug both my harp and my guitar in at the same time.

    Gretchen Cover on #206944

    I bought my amp, preamp and pick-up mic through Dusty Strings. Their prices are competitive with anything else on the internet. I play with a classical guitarist so we use a mic for his guitar and a built-in pick-up mic for my harp and share the same amp. Sometimes he uses his own amp. However, in looking at my LR Baggs pre-amp, I see that only one line can go to and from it. Are you talking about amp or pre-amp? Are you talking about plugging in an electric guitar as well as the harp or harp pick-up mic? I would check out the information on the Dusty Strings website and also call them. They are very, very helpful and patient.

    erynfuson on #206957

    Thank you! I’ve had other music friends say good things about LR Baggs as well. I do have a great amp and just need a preamp for both the harp (Heartland Harp which has a pickup and I use a 1/4″ cord for) and acoustic guitar, so I’ll just get one for each. Cheers!

    teifiharps on #207117

    Hi Eryn, before I make some suggestions could you clarify:

    1. Do you already have a pickup?

    2. Are you looking for a pre-amp such as this or an acoustic harp amplifier such this?

    If you do have a pickup the second important link in the chain really is the amplifier (which has a pre-amp built in). Stereo pre-amps are pretty rare.

    Let me know and I’ll try and help you further!



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    emma-graham on #207250

    I use this one

    Platinum Stage EQ Analog Preamp

    It makes the output much more controllable and also helps boost the volume. I have two amps, a cheap battery operated one (Roland AC33) that I use for weddings/background music and the AER compact 60 which is an absolutely brilliant acoustic amp. The pre-amp is a must have with both of them. (I don’t need it with either of my electric harps, just with my Lyon and Healy 23)

    Gretchen Cover on #207252

    Emma, how do you adjust your pre-amp? Do you find someone to listen or have you figured out a pre-set? I have not been able to figure out proper settings on my pre-amp to get an even sound out of all the strings on my concert grand. I end up relying on my guitar partner, who is also more tech savvy than me. I have only used my amp set-up when playing as a duo, but at some point a solo job will come up….

    BTW, l looked at your amp online. It seems to be the same as the Schertler (including the price).

    emma-graham on #207308

    Yes, Gretchen that can be tricky. I have the pre-amp set where I like it but I check it using the built in looper on the Roland amp or my stand alone looper if I’m using the AER. I record myself and then walk away with the looper playing so I can hear how the sound is carrying and tweak accordingly. In a background music situation I am not overly fussy!! The AER is such a great amp that the sound is always really even. I too have a duet partner (we have the same amp but different pick ups on our harps) and we sound check for each other. Sometimes you get lucky and there is a sound guy on hand to do everything!!
    No experience of Schertler amps I’m afraid.

    Rachel on #207334

    I bought a Red Eye after seeing Martha Gallagher perform with hers. It does a great job with my 5-octave Dusty (which has a pickup installed), and it’s easy to use. There is a version for two instruments called the twin:

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