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    harperboy Fuller on #72533

    Hi, everyone…I was checking out the “Harplust List” and

    Anonymous on #72534

    I’ve been borrowing my mom’s Pratt Chamber harp (36 strings with Loveland levers).

    brook-boddie on #72535

    You’ll find several different threads on this site about Pratt harps.

    Anonymous on #72536

    The one caveat is that the Chamber harp is much heavier than other lever harps, so it’s less fun to cart around, but what a sound!

    deb-l on #72537

    yeah but if you have a lighter tension harp like a Merlin (or a Livia!) that would be the one you cart around and the Pratt would stay home comfy and snug.

    karen on #72538

    I have a Pratt Chamber Harp (got is Sept. ’10) and a Dusty Strings FH-32. Love them both and they are quite different. I play my Pratt 90% of the time and the Dusty 10%. I far prefer the sound and the tension of my Chamber Harp. It is a wonderful instrument and incredibly well made. I have a picture by picture documentation of the creation of my harp….amazing they only cost $5300 when you see what goes into making them. John Pratt is a lovely human being and a stellar craftsman. The only downside would be that he is quite busy so sometimes it can take a while before he replies to e-mails but his communications are clear and descriptive so well worth the wait.

    My Pratt weighs about 50 lbs, my Dusty is about 29 lbs. Mostly I play at home so it really does not matter. The one or two times a year I take it out to a recital with my teacher and other students, there is someone to help me take it there and bring it back so no big deal. Still a lot easier than helping my friend move her L&H 100 pedal harp that is for sure!

    Lastly, Pratt harps have Camac levers on them……I love them….they are like “butter”! Dusty STrings uses Loveland and I’m not sure why because they are significantly beneath the Camacs and Dusty STrings makes wonderful harps–not sure why they settle for the Loveland levers.

    Jennifer Browning on #72539

    Hi there … I have a Pratt Chamber Harp and a Rubarth Merlin.

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