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    kk195223 on #230275

    Does anyone have experience with Pratt Harp Covers?

    I need to replace the transport cover for my Camac Clio Pedal Harp. The seams of the original cover disintegrated into gummy black particles. I’m looking for a good, reasonably priced replacement. A new Camac brand cover is approximately $750.00

    harpist123 on #230277

    I have a Pratt Chamber harp. The cover is nothing like you describe regarding your Camac harp. I am not sure what your question is, unless the Pratt cover will fit your Camac harp. Can you elaborate?

    kk195223 on #230278

    I was so disappointed to find my current Camac cover is such poor shape and unusable. I do not move my harp often but want a way to move it when needed so I need a new cover.

    I really do not want to spend $750 + for a new cover especially when I feel that the cover that came with my harp should have held up.

    I am looking for an alternative that is it not so expensive. I am hoping to find a cover that is made well and fits my Camc Clio

    Harp playing is not a profession for me so I don’t consider this a business cost but rather a maintenance cost.

    patty-ritter on #230283

    I recently had a harp cover (for a Salvi Aurora) and bench bag made by Four Seasons Harp Covers. I am EXTREMELY happy with the quality, and would recommend this company highly.

    Gretchen Cover on #230284

    You may want to consider a harp cover from Four Seasons as suggested above or Carl Swanson

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